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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MU in The Final

At last MU in the final of Champions League since 1999 with the result 1-0 against Barcelona... and will face Liverpool or Chelsea in the final... Hail the Red Devil!!!

Update: Manchester United will face Chelsea in the final after Chelsea victory over Liverpool by 3-2.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Want To Be...

I want to be Prime Minister of Malaysia... that what Anwar told the media. He predicted that he will be the PM in 3 years time or maybe earlier. But how true is it and how many BN will jump over to Pakatan Rakyat?... Time will prove it... and the highlight of the jumping over show will start next month until September.... All te best!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I very admire Pak Lah... He is someone who you always can get what is in his mind... from Scenic Bridge to 2nd Penang Bridge.

2nd Penang Bridge which included as one of the Ninth Malaysia Plan national projects and had promised by Pak Lah to all the Penangite to solve the heavy traffic btween Prai and Penang... the bridge is so important that the future economic growth of Penang is rely on it.

As it is so important to Penang.... Why the Prime Minister want to put this project on hold again? Why he like to abandon all the major project from the Scenic Bridge which linking Johor and Singapore... now is the turn of 2nd Penang Bridge... As a Penangite.. I dislike him with his character and dishonesty!!

He is a Mr Nice guy from outside but a looser at the inside... He is a liar... As Dr m said b4 "Pak Lah bohong!!"

He never listen to people voice... he will be a looser... A PM which lost respect from the rakyat!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


A very good article fro a friend……good to understand and ponder about it!



2. 半年後發現,他居然可以跟一個只認識三個月的女生步入禮堂,令她晴天霹靂,才明白他不是不想結婚,不是真的不婚主義者,說穿了只是他不想跟妳結婚。

3. 當他聽到劉若英的「後來」,居然會無法克制的流眼淚,想起的是他交往八年的前任女友。

4. 可是人往往很矛盾,喜歡她的倔強與有性格,卻受不了她的嬌縱。

5. 喜新厭舊是人性,日子久了,會結婚不是為了愛情,而是責任感的驅使。

6. 學生時代的愛情很單純,出社會以後總想等工作穩定以後再結婚,工作穩定以後又想等有一點積蓄買車子、買房子以後再結婚,等著等著,等到愛情被時光給消磨,等到第三者介入點燃了對方心中激情的火苗,乾柴烈火不可收拾以後,曾經在年少一起織夢的理想全都抵擋不了新鮮感的激情,所以琵琶別抱,到最後步入禮堂的都不是在一起同甘共苦、共同經歷過寒、暑假,等當兵的人。

7. 所以奉勸各位女孩子,如果對方真的是你想結婚的對象,不要想著有房子有車子有金 子,有了一切再結婚。
現實是,等他有了一切,他的身價暴漲是有價值的單身貴族,他必需要面臨的是更多的誘惑,妳長久以來的等待與年輕時許 下的山盟海誓都難以抵擋誘惑排山倒海的來。

8. 也提醒各位男士,如果對方真的是你想好好疼愛的女人,別讓她等太久,有她一起陪你奮鬥應該是很美好的一件事除非你心中有其他的想法,否則別讓愛情等太久,把真愛都磨掉了!雖然聽起來很殘忍,但身邊的家人朋友都有類似的例子。


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Makkal Osai Banned... more paper to be banned next

When the MIC trying their best to recapture the heart of the Indian.... KDN had banned the publication of the Tamil post Makkal Osai.... some of the reports show that the banned is caused by the Makkal Osai which published a front page report on the gathering lead by PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim on last Monday.

... and more newspaper will be banned soon... One of them is Oriental Daily News (東方日報), which their publication license had expired on 1st Dec 2007... and till now they publish their daily with the old license... Oriental Daily News are well known as the newspaper which was frequently criticized for publishing racially inflammatory articles, particularly on issues concerning the alleged conspiracy instigated by the government to systematically discriminate and suppress the non Malay minorities.

The action by the government had shown that they wish to control all media and only publish the news which is harmless to the government or pro-government... they have no right from deny us to receive any kind of news, that’s our basic right!! Are the government want to follow the foot step of communist country like North Korea or Myanmar?

Non of the Malaysian want these to happen... maybe in one day... only one newspaper will be publish in Malaysia... which will be "BN Daily"... and it will send to your door step... free of charge... You will very thankful to the BN lead government.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Champion...to be...

Only 4 matches left... who will emerge as the champion of BPL 07/08?

MU is leading with 5 points.... thanks to Wigan which drew with Chelsea this morning.... MU with the 5 points cushion... they just need 2 wins, a draw and a lost to be champion!! Which mean the Red Devils need only 7 points more... The point will come from a win against Wigan (3 points), a win and a draw either West Ham or Blackburn (4 points)... and the game against Chelsea will be meaningless... But from the form shown by the Devils... they surely will win or at least draw with Chelsea...

The trophy already in view... just how many points that MU will gain in the end of the championship...

p/s: Madley pls contact me and arrange a breakfast with me... as u promised ^^ Thanks ya...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Time to Change!!

Its time to pay... my old car need spare parts replacement again.... time to change timing belt and regulator's water pump! It cost me another RM560 for the parts and normal servicing.

The total milleage of my car had acceded 160,000km within the past 7 years... but istill wish that my car will last me for another 3 years... Money is a big factor now!!

I wonder is it worth to use our car for business travel? The maintenance cost is high... although some of the cost can be claimed back, but still insufficient... we have to absorb the cost for the good of our company... Hopefully my company will remember my car's contribution.

My dear car... please dont sick for the next 3 years.... Tolong la...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Madley.... are u serious?

Yes, she is! She is serious this time... and so far so good, i think..

She had admitted.... it is serious.... oh, yes!

Pls dun ask me for further info... i know nothing... i really dun know anything... i wont tell u guy a thing! this is between me and her... ^^

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dr M vs Pak Lah

The war between Dr M and Pak Lah is on... is it the crack inside UMNO wider? From the eye of Dr M, Pak Lah is the one to blame as the cause of BN lost it 2/3 majority.... and Pak Lah blame that Dr M is trying to wreck Umno...

No matter what happen, the show will go on and on until December, where UMNO election will be held... we will know who will success in their propaganda.

Now is the perfect time for People’s Alliance or Pakatan Rakyat should work hand in hand in their controlled state... people need results now... put aside all differences and prove to BN and Rakyat that they can govern!... so that the Rakyat can depend on them when time come.

Future is in our hand! We are the judge of government... no one can stop us!

Ferrari 1-2 & BMW 3-4

Results of Bahrain's F1:-

1. Felipe Massa (Ferrari)
2. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari)
3. Robert Kubica (BMW-Sauber)
4. Nick Heidfeld (BMW-Sauber)
5. Heikki Kovalainen (McLaren)
6. Jarno Trulli (Toyota)
7. Mark Webber (Red Bull)
8. Nico Rosberg (Williams)

BMW 3-4... great and consistent results for the BMW drivers... BWM are slow during start-up and that kill them in 1st lap... btw Hamilton is 13th... sorry to Hamilton's fans.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Aeroplane King

What is Aeroplane King (飞机王)? In chinese it mean a person who tend to change his mind or don't keep his promise...

Ok, why they like to "fly aeroplane"?

The reason is:

1) Can't firm with decision.
2) Too many promises given in one time.
3) Forgetful?
4) Too busy.
5) Have a don't care attitude.
6) Have a lot of accomapany (maybe)
.... etc (if u got other reasons, just inform me)

So, how to deal with them? Fly them aeroplave if neccesary with no mercy... ^^

Aiyo, cannot also coz... afterthat I'll become an "Aeroplane King" too.... LOL....

p/s: Please stay firmed with decision, coz other ppl got their planning too...

1st Pole Possition for Kubica and BMW

The 1st ever pole position for BMW and also the 1st for their Polish driver Robert Kubica in F1... I'm the supporter of rookie driver just like Kubica... and I like BMW coz it car carry the word of "PETRONAS" ^^
Great job Kubica n BMW... Hopefully both of the BMW's driver can finish with podium position tomorrow in Bahrain's F1.

1st Saturday Office....

Today mark the 1st day of my work on Saturday... which mean my company had changed it operation hour from 5 days to 5.5 days a week... I had been told that, I need time to adapt with the system... time will tell... life move on...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Why MCA?

System Reboot....

Today mark the beginning of new system... as the system just rebooted and test run, we adapt to the changes...

The most severe change is that the system will reboot from Monday to Saturday... During weekday, it will run from 0830 till 1700 and 0830 till 1300 on Saturday...

So guy, I'm no more available on every Saturday morning... as the system reboot... I've to follow... Until we meet again... GOD bless Saturday morning!

A Tribute to Gor Gor (Leslie Cheung)

1st of April is a date to remember the death of the Hong Kong famous Cantopop, Leslie Cheung, who ended his life on 1st April 2002, when he leapt from 24th of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong Island.

As a tribute to Gor Gor, I had embed one of his famous song 追 (chase) in my blog... pls take a minute or 2 to listen to his unforgotten song....

Happy Bird Day to KC and Happy April Fool's Day

April Fool is also the birthday of KC... According to Buddhism... a birthday is a day for us to remember the pain that our mother suffer during our birth.

But any how, happy Bird Day to u, KC... and don't fool around....